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Game of Thrones
Pro Pinball Machine by Stern
Pro Pinball Machine by Stern
WWE Legends of Wrestlemania
Pro Pinball Machine by Stern
Marvel Spiderman
Home Pinball Machine by Stern

Used Pinball Machines for sale:

As of 4/18/17, we currently have 1 pinball machine actively for sale or trade, however offers are sometimes considered.

1983 Bally X’s and O’s

Bally X’s and O’s for sale. I am putting this machine on the market to free up space for the rest of my collection. This is a fun game to play and works 100%. Flippers are good and strong. Targets and switches are good to go. Center display tic tac toe is perfectly working. Translite is very nice. Score displays work perfectly. Cabinet has a couple of dings and scratches see the pictures. The Caps from the pop bumpers are missing the tabs and have been glued in place. Playfield shows a little bit of wear above the flippers and some age planking. I have going over the machine and replaced all the bulbs and re-rubbered.

Update: the second player score display fades in and out I believe it’s just a ground. I will try to fix it. The lockdown bar for the glass has been removed for the pictures. Play field does not show detail unless the glass is removed.

We’re currently seeking a Soprano’s pinball and would consider a trade.

You can view our current collection and inventory below the classified pinball for sale listings, or email for more information or to schedule a showing.

Although they would be sorely missed and difficult to part with, we may consider parting with the following pinball machines:

Complete Listing (as of 4/18/2017)

1983 Bally – X’s and O’s
1984 Gottlieb – Alien Star
1987 Data East – Laser War
1990 Williams – Rollergames
1993 Bally – Twilight Zone
1993 Data East – Tales from the Crypt
1993 Gottlieb – Street Fighter II
1993 Gottlieb – Wipe Out

1993 Williams – Indiana Jones: The Pinball Adventure
1994 Data East – Royal Rumble
1994 Williams – Demolition Man (#1)
1994 Williams – Demolition Man (#2)
1995 Williams – No Fear
1996 Capcom – Breakshot
1996 Williams – Junk Yard
1997 Sega – The X-Files
1997 Williams – No Good Gofers (#1)
1997 Williams – No Good Gofers (#2)
1999 Bally – Revenge from Mars (Pinball 2000)
1999 Williams – Star Wars Episode 1 (Pinball 2000)
2003 Stern – Lord of the Rings
2003 Stern – Terminator 3 – Rise of the Machines
2004 Stern – Ripley’s Believe it or Not!
2003 Stern – The Simpsons Pinball Party
2007 Stern – Dale Jr.
2007 Stern – Family Guy
2007 Stern – Spiderman
2011 Stern – Transformers LE Combo
2012 Stern – X-Men LE Wolverine
2013 Stern – Metallica Pro #2
2016 Spooky – Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International

All of our games have been meticulously shopped which means they have all been completely torn down, deeply cleaned piece by piece, polished and waxed, with repairs and replacement parts installed where needed, and all games also include new rubbers, balls, LED’s and more.  Games are conveniently located and available for inspection, play and purchase at the Pinballer headquarters in Harrisburg, PA and currently by appointment only due to our busy schedule.

Details on each machine are below.  Additional pics are available upon request, and more will be added in time, but we are a bit behind as we continue to prepare for our Phase 2 expansion.  These games literally just became available so there wasn’t much time to prep a nice ad.

To see in person or purchase, email