1997 Sega Starship Troopers – SOLD

Selling a recently refurbished Starship Troopers pinball machine. Over 100 hours into removing and cleaning all parts and replacing anything necessary, LED’s throughout the game, the light show is nice.The WhiteStar board has recently been professionally serviced, upgraded and repaired by a reputable professional in the industry to fix some corrosion and add a better battery setup.The playfield is flawless and looks great. The cabinet is in good shape but there is a bit of wear on the sides, not terrible.The backbox will need a new ballast installed (I have one, but didn’t get it put in yet at the time of this ad) and a new bulb.

Everything else works and plays as it should, and it all feels pretty fresh and clean when you play it.

SST-boards SST-coin-door SST-flipper-POV SST-inside-coin-door SST-left-cabinet SST-left-playfield-artistic SST-mid-playfield SST-playfield-rear-2 SST-playfield-rear SST-playfield-with-ball-artistic SST-right-cabinet SST-right-playfield-artistic SST-targets-remaining SST-whole-game SST-whole-playfield