5 Monster Features of the New Godzilla Pinball Machine

Stern’s Godzilla pinball machine (this is the Premium model) capitalizes on a theme that’s made for pinball: A tiny world under glass that Godzilla and other kaiju can rampage through, backed by audio and video clips from classic monster flicks. And though Godzilla is a classic theme, the new features this machine offers are thoroughly modern, and its online features via a connected app are cutting edge (including achievements, score tracking, and more).

Godzilla’s two crisscrossing metal ramps, an upper flipper with an inner loop, a ball-launching ramp to a Mechagodzilla bash toy, and a collapsing building and bridge, are a mix of familiar components, novel mechs, yet, like designer Keith Elwin’s previous games including Jurassic Park and Iron Maiden, somehow offer a totally unique-feeling layout. We unbox the machine and highlight some of its coolest features. Look for it at your nearest arcade #IGN #Gaming #Pinball

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