Stern Metallica Pro LED Pinball Machine for Sale

Stern Pinball Metallica Pro LED Pinball Machine

Metallica Pinball Features:

  • Inspired by the band Metallica bringing pinball to another level with twelve classic music tracks with fun
  • Featuring toys that Stern-Pinball created along with Metallica and were custom-molded for Stern’s Metallica Pinball
  • All ramps in the Metallica pinball model are stainless steel to highlight the band’s heavy metal image along with fast pinball action
  • Metallica Pro-Definition Themed Cabinet Artwork is featured throughout the pinball machine with LED lighting and Premium to enhance the experience
  • Machine features band member custom speech tracks, illuminated grave markers and Metallica logos and more illuminating the game

Metallica Pinball Parts and Accessories:

Metallica Pinball in the news:

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