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Stern Godzilla Pro Edition Pinball Machine with Insider Connected

  • In this monster-packed pinball adventure, players become Godzilla! It’s up to Godzilla and his allies to rid the earth of the Xilien invasion by destroying cities, battling kaijus, and conquering Mechagodzilla to become King of the mosters!
  • Includes an industry first “Magna Grab” Godzilla magnetic newton ball, capable of catching pinballs from five different shot paths including straight from plunge. The magnetic newton ball can also divert pinballs to set up shots from the upper flipper
  • Immersive video and audio from 10* Toho Showa Era Godzilla films. Incudes the original theme song from the 1954 movie Godzilla. Iconic title song Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult instantly transports players into the Godzilla universe. Includes stunning and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Zombie Yeti
  • Comes equipped with insider connected, a Comprehensive technology initiative to connect the universe of Stern pinball machines.

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Stern Rush Pro Edition Pinball Machine with Insider Connected

  • Rush pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement and experience of a live Rush concert
  • Features 16 iconic songs layered with beatmatched sound and lighting effects
  • Custom speech from Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee, and Ed Robertson of the Barenaked Ladies
  • Exclusive live Rush concert footage and custom animations
  • Earn Acheivements, unlock exclusive content, and so much more! Get connected with Rush and play today!

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Stern The Mandalorian Pro Edition Pinball Machine with Insider Connected

  • The Mandalorian™ pinball machines are inspired by the Emmy award-winning Star Wars™ series streaming only on Disney+ In this action-packed pinball quest, players are transported to a galaxy far, far away as they play as the Mandalorian™, teaming up with key allies and protecting Grogu, while battling dangerous enemies and forces across their journey
  • Includes a large custom Grogu and Razor Crest™ ship sculptures, Immersive video and audio assets from seasons 1 and 2 of The Mandalorian™, Exclusive custom speech performed by actor Carl Weathers who plays Greef Karga
  • Iconic theme song and music by Ludwig Göransson instantly transports players into the world of The Mandalorian™
  • Includes stunning and distinctive hand-drawn artwork by Randy Martinez

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