1991 Williams Terminator 2 – SOLD

1991 Williams Terminator 2

Very clean and fully functioning Williams Terminator 2 – Judgment Day pinball machine.  No errors or issues.  Flippers have plenty of power, game feels and plays almost like new.  It has not been shopped, and no LED’s have been installed.

There is one small play field blemish near the skull, on the Jackpot triangle insert, about the size of a pinhead, maybe a bit larger – a photo is included to show the blemish in detail.

Located in Harrisburg, PA.  Email autosave@pinballer.info for more information or to schedule a viewing.


T2-backbox-left T2-backbox-right T2-cabinet-front T2-cabinet-left T2-cabinet-rear T2-cabinet-right T2-DMD-and-backbox T2-inside-cabinet T2-jackpot-insert-blemish T2-left-upper-playfield-artistic-v2 T2-left-upper-playfield-artistic T2-lower-playfield-and-instructions T2-lower-playfield-overhead T2-machine-and-skull-artistic T2-mid-playfield-overhead T2-playfield-level-overview-from-flippers-rear-zoom T2-playfield-level-overview-from-flippers T2-right-upper-playfield-artistic T2-shooter-lane T2-skull-and-bumper-artistic T2-upper-playfield-level-artistic-zoom T2-upper-playfield-overhead-v2 T2-upper-playfield-overhead