1987 Gottlieb Spring Break – SOLD

1987 Gottlieb Spring Break – $1000

Spring Break Pinball!  Project machine, selling as is, needs minor work.

Board was recently serviced by a professional to clean & repair battery acid damage, the daughter card upgrade & modifications were performed along with updating to the latest ROM’s.

The entire play field was cleaned and all components were also removed and cleaned but not tumble polished.  New rubbers, balls & LED’s were also installed.

Known issues:

The upper left rollover needs adjusted, it works about 50% of the time. The left roll under gate near extra ball and the gate just after the ramp before the wireform works sometimes but still needs a bit more of adjusting and may need fresh springs. The cabinet has been lightly carved into on the left side, see closeup pics for details. Sometimes the ball trough seems to act up, but the game isn’t completely level — I just got new leg levelers but didn’t get them on or adjust the game otherwise yet, but I suspect that to be part of the problem. Flipper power is very good. The coin door needs a lock.

Everything else seems to work 100%.  Displays are perfect.  Backglass is nice.

Easy access with no steps and help to load.

Contact autosave@pinballer.info for more information or to schedule a viewing.


SB-backbox-and-displays SB-backbox-left SB-backbox-right SB-cabinet-left-detail SB-cabinet-left SB-cabinet-right SB-drop-targets-playfield-rear SB-entire-playfield SB-flipper-view-artistic-2 SB-flipper-view-artistic SB-girl-chest-playfield-close SB-inside-cabinet SB-left-playfield-ramp-artistic SB-lower-boards-inside-backbox SB-lower-playfield-overhead SB-mid-playfield-planking SB-playfield-view-wide SB-ramp-artistic SB-shooter-lane SB-top-boards-inside-backbox SB-under-playfield-2 SB-under-playfield SB-upper-playfield-artistic SB-upper-playfield-overhead-2 SB-upper-playfield-overhead SB-wireform-artistic