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Zombie Pinball Review | TheXboxHub

The pinball genre on Xbox One is all but sewn up by Zen Studios’ arsenal of licensed tables featuring huge franchises from the world of TV, film and gaming. It’s nice to have a change though occasionally, and when developers Shine Research emerged onto the market with Zombie Pinball, with a cracking price point and a promise of ‘super addictive gameplay’, I figured it’d be a welcome breath of fresh air. Is it as addictive as one could hope for? Can I barely tear myself away from it to eat and drink?

Universal Classics Pinball brings E.T., Jaws, and Back to the Future tables into virtual reality

Zen Studios announced that its Universal Classics Pinball expansion pack for Pinball FX2 is now available in virtual reality on Oculus Rift, Oculus Go and Gear VR. Universal Classics Pinball includes new VR features for video pinball tables inspired by E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Jaws and Back to the Future.

Casual Corner: PinOut

PinOut isn’t your run of the mill pinball game. After all, it’s in the digital space so why conform to the constraints of a normal machine. PinOut is set up to have you traverse a winding layout in a limited amount of time. You go from stage to stage with new twists, turns and blockades that you’ll have to finesse your way on to. At your disposal will be flippers placed throughout that will allow you to get onto different ramps. The ramps are your only way of really progressing and will allow you to add time to your ever decreasing timebank by allowing you to access the time beads on them. Each bead adds a second to your timer and they’re incredibly prevalent throughout the game as you’ll be faced with more tough tasks to progress.

Jurassic Pinball Coming To Nintendo Switch On 25th May

Jurassic Pinball Coming To Nintendo Switch On 25th May | My Nintendo News teams over at EnjoyUp Games & Super Power Up have announced today that Jurassic Pinball will be coming to the Nintendo Switch on 25th May.  It will be a digital only title so you will have …